CTHMECooperation Technology Honesty Management Efficiency


Thinking and discussion issues from the long-term devlopment perspective, seek the cooperation of mutual benefit, through resource integration, complementary advantages, harmonious coexistence, release potential abilities, to achieve the optimal resource allocation, the optimal organization combination, the best use of talents, the largest implementation of value, and make interests assiociated with all parties have a satisfactory result.

Cultivate creativity and exploitation ability, absorb new information, new knowledge, new ideas, transform thinking Angle, break the rules limit, uses the advanced ways and measures, set up advanced ideas and system, create the best technology and craft, and start first-class performance and the situation.
Company in the process of operating be in good faith, keep promise, open and transparent, honest and veracity, under the premise of without demage to the social interests and other related parties to seek company value maximization. Employees are of good quality, decent behavior, don't cheat, has the good professional personal integrity and honor.

Humanistic management ,Concept first. Improving management system, according to the principle of benefit maximization and the needs of business development set up internal organizational structure, rationally divide  the rights and obligations for each management level; the responsibility, right and benefit is unifies, information communication is smooth, the organization is efficient operation. To correctly handle the enterprise and worker, the whole and part, the recent and long-term interests relationships, format institutional arrangements that can fully arouse the enthusiasm of all staff. Advocates harmonious interpersonal relations, create a harmonious pleasant working atmosphere.
Reduce social transaction costs, relatively efficient, relatively low cost to provide valuable products and services to the public; under the premise of guarantee scientific and correct decision-making, simplify the process, to achieve effective communication, keep clear of information, strengthen the executive power, improve the operation efficiency of enterprises.

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