Quality policies
The company will provide scientific and accurate project services to clients in an honest, diligent, honorable and responsible manner with strict management systems, comprehensive safety measures, scientific quality control and an enthusiastic service attitude. And it will continuously improve the level of services to satisfy clients’ requirements.

Quality objectives
All staff shall provide clients with engineering services in a reasonable, economic, safe and thoughtful manner to avoid major safety accidents and quality accidents and meet clients’ expectation and requirements, so as to achieve the objectives of less than 3 customer complaints, over 95% satisfaction degree, 100% equipment availability, over 98% pass rate and 100% contract compliance rate.
Note: 100% contract compliance rate (excluding force majeure)
QHSE Policies:
Prevention first, to effectively reduce hazards and mitigate risks;
Environment-friendly, to control pollution and lower consumption;
Law-abiding, to enhance environmental protection awareness;
Continuous improvement, to perfect management system.

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